L-DOM Account Manager


L-DOM Account manager is an embedded ldap server build atop a customized compact flash bootable FreeBSD 6.x operating system. The primary focus is managing LDAP based POSIX user and group accounts though a browser based interface. L-DOM does not contain much new code. The majority of the system is a repackaging of existing battle hardened software such as openSSL, openLDAP, lighttpd, & PHP. The webGUI and init system are the glue logic under active development created to deliver an ease of use and reliability much higher than that of some commercial systems.

L-DOM has been tested with and can manage user accounts for the following operating systems.

  • FreeBSD 6.x & 7.x
  • OpenSUSE 10.x
  • RedHat Enterprise Server 3
  • Ubuntu 6.06 LTS & 6.10 & 7.04 & 8.05
  • Gentoo

A Little tweaking has shown L-DOM can be used in some other ways too.

  • An e-mail address book for Mozilla Thunderbird
  • HTTP authentication backend for the lighttpd web server
  • An LDAP backend for a Samba 3 NT4.0 Primary Domain Controller
  • An account system for the php web app hacker


  • 2008-Feb-11: The web gui to be released with v1.4 is under heavy development.
  • 2007-Nov-6: v1.3 is in the build process. New features will include phpLDAPAdmin as a power tweak tool and a standard init system
  • 2007-Oct-25: The init system is undergoing a major overhaul. Stay tuned ... a new release is near.
  • 2007-Sept-17: The new site is partially up. Not all links work at the moment.
  • 2007-Sept-14: The second beta of the v1.x series has been released. This includes a new css theme and a new password changing application. Available downloads include the compact flash binary image and also a vmware server image pre-installed and ready to go.

Release - Currently @ v1.3

  • 2007-Dec-23: v1.3 - Third release with a major overhaul
  • 2007-Sept-14: v1.2 - Second release with a new css theme & minor enhancements
  • 2007-Aug-29: v1.1 - First release containing a webGUI & openLDAP
  • 2007-Aug-24: v1.0 - FlashBSD Base System - only the os & build tools


  • v1.x: beta releases, developer previews, and stress tests
  • v2.x: stable FlashBSD base operating system & beta webGUI
  • v3.x: stable production release
  • v4.x: full Samba integration and LDAP replication